Custom Doors for all your Project Needs

N100The door to your home or business and the interior doors people see upon entry can tell visitors a lot about you. From the type of wood it is made from to the coloring, style and craftsmanship. A door can signify that you are serious or warm and welcoming. A unique door helps differentiate your home or business from neighboring buildings.

If you are an architect or designer and want to bring an additional level of style to your next project, we have just what you’ll be looking for.

Besides aesthetic considerations, you also want a door that is strong and durable so you will get the best return on your investment. And keep in mind that a substantial, heavy door sets the mood when someone enters the building or a room.

We Carry Doors for All Types of Projects

Business owners and homeowners alike have a good reason for French Door Specialty Doorstaking their time in finding a new or replacement door. After all, you will use the door many times each day, so you want one that looks good, is solid and dependable.

  • Sliding patio
  • Swinging patio
  • Entrance
  • Interior
  • Pre Hung doors
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Designed to offer durability, strength
  • Come in various styles, sizes and other features
  • Doors are tailored to meet needs of builders, architects, designers and homeowners
  • Provide the finest material, construction, and craftsmanship
  • Offer a variety of doorway possibilities to satisfy any design needFrench Door Specialty Doors 5
  • Built to accommodate your specific size opening
  • Help determine the best doors for your project
  • Offer doors from leading manufacturers
  • If there are problems during installation, such as a door that swings the wrong way, we can adjust it at our shop instead of waiting on the supplier

Whatever type of door you need, you can count on our team to help you make your decision. For details on our selection of doors or to get started placing an order, please contact Kirsch Millwork today.

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